Yacht Builders Worldwide

View the shipyards that we have visited around the world below:

New Dearl Yacht
Yacht in Ocean

 This is a Dearl 80' 2018 that is on its way to a Boat Show. It is fresh from the factory.  

Large Yacht Exterior
Yacht Compass

Dearl Yacht 78' with a fiberglass hull that is fresh out of the mold. The interior is being formed and finished. This work has already been completed is the first-class engine room.

Tranchi Boat Builders Since 1870

As with any new business, even in the 1800s, the flow of problems to overcome seemed never-ending. However, the young shipyard got through two World Wars, survived the ebbs and floods of changing economic tides and transitional government meddling, and came out the other side stronger and larger.

Now, they make yachts that are highly valued around the world, and the Tranchi name is synonymous with advanced Italian boatbuilding and unparalleled marine technology. But there's more to our story than just a family business that began small and worked its way to the top. Our starting point, unusually, was the bottom. Literally!